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Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. - Nick Lyon and Bre Lockhart

March 07, 2023 J Hall Season 2 Episode 11
Okie Bookcast
Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. - Nick Lyon and Bre Lockhart
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Chapter 37 of the Bookcast focuses on the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. - a non‑profit federation of writers' groups from across Oklahoma and beyond dedicated to promoting higher standards for the written word. I sat down with Nick Lyon (President) and Bre Lockhart (Conference Coordinator) about OWFI and it's mission and the upcoming conference.

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Nicholas Lyon is the author of the historical novel The Baptist Bootlegger and current president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. For his day job, he teaches English to high school students who would rather be on TikTok. He is also a woodturner and musician. He lives with his wife and two kids in Guthrie, OK.

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Bre Lockhart is a fantasy and sci-fi author with pen names in the genres of mystery and poetry. She’s also a fiction editor, an admin for Tulsa Writers Syndicate,  a writer for Indie Author Magazine, and the conference coordinator for OWFI. 

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Our review for this episode comes from Bookcast guest and friend of the show, Betsey Kulakowski. Betsey is the best-selling author of The Veritas Codex paranormal thriller series. Her 5th book in the Series, The Lost Templar was released in December of 2022, and she's preparing for the spring launch of the 6th book -- The Pirate's Curse. 
Betsey reviews Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor.

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