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Writing History and Biography with Oklahoma Historian and Author, Bob Burke

February 21, 2023 J Hall Season 2 Episode 10
Okie Bookcast
Writing History and Biography with Oklahoma Historian and Author, Bob Burke
Show Notes

My guest for Chapter 36 is author, historian, and attorney Bob Burke. Bob has written over 150 books about Oklahoma and Oklahomans, ranging from topics like The Oklahoma City Bombing to the Oklahoma State Fair to Oklahoma legends like Wiley Post and Ralph Ellison. Bob is a 3-time winner of the Oklahoma Book Award, received  the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oklahoma Center for the Book, and has been inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, the Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.
Bob and I talk about his interest in Oklahoma, his passion for writing biographies, his extensive writing process and working with co-authors. I also got to hear a ton of stories from Bob about everything from baseball to Donald Duck.

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Our review  is from Sheeva Azma, Sheeva is a freelance science writer, digital and strategic communicator, and science policy wonk who merges her interests in science, writing, and policy to solve hard problems through effective messaging with her science communications company, Fancy Comma, LLC. She is a scientist turned science writer who has written two books designed to encourage scientists to try their hand at science writing.
Sheeva reviews Who Can Hold the Sea by by James D. Hornfischer.

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Mentioned on the show:

Typically I try to include all of the books mentioned, but Bob talked about so many different books and projects that it seemed best to point you to his catalog.

Books by Bob Burke

David McCullough

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