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Collaboration and the Creative Process - Kylar Merrell, Foreign Press Comics

December 20, 2022 J Hall Season 2 Episode 6
Okie Bookcast
Collaboration and the Creative Process - Kylar Merrell, Foreign Press Comics
Show Notes

It's Chapter 32 of the Okie Bookcast!

Today I talk with Kylar Merrell, comic writer and artist and the driving force behind Foreign Press Comics - an Oklahoma-based publisher. Kylar has created several titles, including Terminal, Valkyrian, and his contributions to the newly released Fletcher Cross anthology. He's also the host of the Comics Unscripted podcast. He describes himself as a fifth grade science teacher by day and a comic creator and publisher by night. We have a great time talking about the world of independent comics, but also about the creative process and the cool ways in which Kylar is using Foreign Press Comics to bring artists together.
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Our reviewer for this episode is John-Eric Osborn. Eric is a comic artist and creator whose work includes one of my favorite comics - We Promised Utopia - and one of my Next Great Read cohost Hannah’s favorites - Hiro Doggie: Space Corgi.
Eric is reviewing Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis and J.H. Williams.
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Mentioned on the show:
DC New 52
Francis Manapul
Adora and the Distance - Mark Bernadin, Ariela Kristantina (Illustrator)  and Bryan Valenza (Illustrator)
Pandemics in Panels - Foreign Press Comics
Fletcher Cross - Foreign Press Comics
New World ComicCon
New World Comics
New Star Comics
The Rez Detectives: Justice Served Cold - Steven Paul Judd (Author), Tvli Jacob (Author),  M. K. Perker (Illustrator)
Heathen - Natasha Alterici
Blankets - Craig Thompson
Skim - Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
Fun Home - Alison Bechdel
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