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Paranormal Stories, Imposter Syndrome, and Bigfoot - Author Betsey Kulakowski

October 04, 2022 J Hall Season 2 Episode 1
Okie Bookcast
Paranormal Stories, Imposter Syndrome, and Bigfoot - Author Betsey Kulakowski
Show Notes

It's the Bookcast Birthday! This episode marks a year since the podcast launched on October 5, 2021. A huge "Thank you!" to everyone who has been with it from the beginning and to those who are just finding us. If you enjoy the podcast, consider taking a second to share it with a friend or twenty. 

My guest is Betsey Kulakowski. Betsey is a federally trained investigator and full-time safety professional with a degree in Emergency Management who has served on disaster response teams at the Murrah Federal Building Bombing, the World Trade Center, and Hurricanes Katrina/Rita, as well as other disasters in Oklahoma. Betsey is the author of the Best-Selling paranormal thriller, The Veritas Codex, and the series of the same name. She has experience as an amateur paranormal investigator and is an avid history buff and family genealogist

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Our review is from Kristy Werner. Kristy is a new Oklahoma author whose debut novel Resurrection won first place in the Fiction Writing Contest at WriterCon. Resurrection releases on October 24 and is currently available for preorder. 

Kristy reviews Maggie by Sharon Srock.

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Mentioned on the Show:
Devolution: A First-Hand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre - Max Brooks
The Sasquatch Seekers Field Manual - David Gordon
Autumn Tales Collection
Sole Survivor - Dean Koontz
Darkfall - Dean Koontz
Peculiar Activities - Mark Edward Jones
The Veritas Codex - Betsey Kulakowski
The Jaguar Queen - Betsey Kulakowski
The Alien Accord - Betsey Kulakowski
The Monk's Grimoire - Betsey Kulakowski
Resurrection - Kristy Werner
Maggie - Sharon Shrock

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Music by JuliusH