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Leadership, Social Media, and Culture - Kevin DeShazo, Keep Chopping Wood

September 20, 2022 J Hall Season 1 Episode 26
Okie Bookcast
Leadership, Social Media, and Culture - Kevin DeShazo, Keep Chopping Wood
Show Notes

The 50 Essential Oklahoma Reads list is live! Head to okiebookcast.com/50reads to get your copy today. Let the reading (and debating?) begin!

My guest for Chapter 26 is Kevin DeShazo. Kevin is a speaker, consultant, author, and podcaster whose single focus is on helping people get better. His primary work is in the leadership space, particularly with student athletes and college athletic departments. He's authored three books: iAthlete: Impacting Student-Athletes of a Digital Generation, Leadership Interrupted, and his latest - Keep Chopping Wood. In our conversation we talk about about his written work with some focus on his non-traditional approach to both writing and publishing.  We also talk about the ideas of helping people get better and his work with student athletes and athletic leadership in the areas of social media and team culture.
You can connect with Kevin and his work across multiple media forms at deshazo.me.

Our review is by OKC author Kat Lewis, reviewing The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer. Kat recently launched her writing career with her electrifying debut thriller novel, Rogue Defender. She is a passionate advocate for those escaping the horrors of human trafficking and uses her writing an avenue to spread awareness. She has served as the President and Vice President for the Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers (OCFW) and is an active volunteer with WriterCon.

Mentioned on the episode:
Jeremie Kubicek - GiANT Worldwide
David A Man Of Passion And Destiny - Chuck Swindoll
Humility - Andrew Murray
The Power of a Humble Life - Richard Simmons
Hardy Boys
Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

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