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Tribal Culture and Identity - Oscar Hokeah, Calling for a Blanket Dance

September 06, 2022 J Hall Season 1 Episode 25
Okie Bookcast
Tribal Culture and Identity - Oscar Hokeah, Calling for a Blanket Dance
Show Notes

My guest is Oscar Hokeah. Oscar is a regionalist Native American writer of literary fiction, interested in capturing intertribal, transnational, and multicultural aspects within two tribally specific communities: Tahlequah and Lawton, Oklahoma. He is a citizen of Cherokee Nation and the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma from his mother (Hokeah and Stopp families), and he has Mexican heritage from his father (Chavez family) who emigrated from Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico. Oscar has written for Poets & Writers, Literary Hub, World Literature Today, American Short Fiction, and elsewhere. His debut novel, Calling for a Blanket Dance, released earlier this year to critical acclaim. You can connect with Oscar at oscarhokeah.com or on twitter and instagram

In our conversation, we talk about the novel, the need for and challenges of telling multicultural stories, and the importance of honesty in storytelling. We also talk a lot about Oklahoma - from OKC to Goteboh. 

Our review comes from Jes McCutchen, a Science-Fiction & Fantasy YA author whose works are full of ensemble self-proclaimed disaster queer casts and usually feature the occasional tiny crime and/or alien. Her debut novel Chronicles of My Alien Invasion Life came out in July 2022 and her next book, "A Mean Piece of Water" about Oklahoma lake mermaids fighting a giant demon octopus to save the dam is coming out this fall. You can connect with Jes at jesmwrites on instagram.

Jes reviews The Monsters We Defy by Leslye Penelope

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The Way to Rainy Mountain - N. Scott Momaday
Alice Munro
Child's Play - Alice Munro
100 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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